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The wrong cards were delivered to me, no where close to the design proof we agreed upon. After months of back and forth phone calls and emails to Rob, full of promises to make it right, but nothing.

Used excuses like my design couldn't be printed on the card type I chose. If that's the case, tell me that up front, don't approve my proof and deliver something totally different. Next time he made promises like... I'll make it right...

I'm using a new vendor now... I'll overnight the new cards to you as soon as I receive them, should only be two weeks...

Still nothing. DO NOT USE!

Monetary Loss: $239.

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We often find in the print world that cheaper isn't always better. I truly apologize for the inconveniences that you experienced with ordering Chinese cards.

We find that we are fixing mistakes of this nature regularly for clientele that shop merely on price. I just got off the phone with a client that used this company and received 5000 cards with the wrong phone number on them. Of course, my pricing is 3x what the chinese kid prints them for, and she was floored by our pricing.

I recommended that she think about it for a day or so and make a determination as to whether it would be best to buy another lottery ticket with a Chinese manufacturer, or to realize the value in American made. Very unfortunate experience.

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